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A Visitor's Assignment

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

"Crescent" male sterilized stray kitten about 4-5 month old. This kitty lives in a Condo compound at Dakota Crescent.

His tail has an injury measuring 5cm from the tip down, apparently for 1 month.

He was brought in by a visitor from another country who doesn't know the ins and outs of Singapore, but care enough to call up other people to ask.

The good samaritan asked me a few questions during her clinic visits (I paraphrased the qns):

1) I thought people who live in Condos are rich, why are the cats living there so skinny? Other stray cats in the flat areas so chubby and nice.

2) Since they are supposed to be better off, how come they so fussy about other people feeding and helping a few stray cats... so ungracious?

3) How come the cat had the injury for 1 month nobody want to help? If I was not visiting, what will happen to the cat?

4) My friends staying there not very happy that I decided to help the stray cat because they fear that they get into trouble because they are foreigners. Why like that?

I was really stumped. Very sad after my own reflection.....

That some Singaporeans can watch sufferings and feel no compassion... that these people will oppress others who are trying to help... and that we need the tourists to do our own aid and rescue for our local animals that are 'assigned' to us.

"Crescent" is a lovely and gentle boy...

The good Samaritan said she would have brought him home but she can't because she is just a visitor.

But I think, unbeknowst to her, she has already completed her 'assignment' to perfection.


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