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Holding On and Letting Go

Updated: Nov 18, 2023



The reason for doing these diagnostic tests is for you to know if your dog's condition is treatable ... or if it is really a cancer.

Once we know for sure that we can or cannot get rid of the problem, there will come a peace and an acceptance of the inevitable fate...

Unless you are at peace already... and have no regrets, with or without the knowledge of the cause of death in the future.


I am at peace.

I don't want to struggle with myself... or other people about why and how... how much I can do or should have done for my dog... that does not quantify my love for my dog.

If he has cancer, then I accept that he will die earlier naturally.

I don't want my last days with him to be overshadowed by the sickness or the sadness that he is dying.

I don't want to treat for things that are not curable in the first place... and put both us through the fantasy that this and that will prolong his life.

I don't need to impress others with this... I love my dog and I know who he is and he knows who I am.

That's enough.

Do you understand why I am at peace?


Yes I do actually.

I just want to make sure that you know why you are at peace...

That we are not pretending to be politically correct or for the sake of meeting other's expectation.. and not because of money.

So this is the plan - we fight whatever symptoms as we go along with him and you...we will stay by his side as long as you want us to....

For better or for worse.. no regrets... and we stop fighting only when you .. or he says so.




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