Vicious Cat Attacks

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

In my years of working in this industry I have been attacked by quite a few vicious little kitties.

Vicious Cat Attacks

I have been mutilated on the palms of my hands

I have got a scar on my ear lobe from a nasty whack.

I have got my fair share of injuries ... from frightened nasty cats... note: "frightened" first...

I have gotten pretty angry .... but my anger was never directed towards/ at the cats really... usually more upset because of my OWN carelessness.. or inability.

In my intern years, I have witnessed a certain vet grabbed a nasty Persian by the neck in one hand and the hindlimbs by the other hand ... and literally strangled and pulled the cat's body straight... I was mortified.

I promised myself I will never ever morph into this kind of person.

I know ... I have met really scary cats before... and they really need a firm, steady and strong hand...

BUT not a strangling, killer's grip.

So back to the question... how angry does one get when he or she gets scratched/ bittened/ mutilated???

Do you become a "cat hater"?

Do you hit the cat?

Do you avoid cats forever?

Or all of the above?

I hope your answer is none of the above.

Cursing and swearing .. should probably be enough.. and that should be it.

Tomorrow's cat is not the one that bit/ scratched you.


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