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All in a Day's Work

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Day 1

Someone brought a cat in because he was terribly ill.

Based on a thorough physical examination and the history given by the owner I suspected that the cat consumed some poison/ was exposed to some toxin.

I advised that the owner should consider going to a 24 hour facility and admit the cat for intensive care.

The owner refused and wanted to be treated by us.

We then advised the owner to consider a full blood test to verify if the internal organs were harmed.

The owner told us that she wanted everything to be done immediately.

After we had done all the needed treatment and tests and advised her to still consider hospitalisation at a 24 hour facility because their cat was in a very grave condition, the owner said that she does not even have SGD$1 to pay for the consultation fee.

Then her husband challenged one of our staff and said: "So what if I don't have money, what are you going to do about it?".

What? Is this robbery? Or blackmailing?

?? Should we call someone for help?


Day 2

Someone brought in a cat for a routine spay.

Before the cat was admitted, the owner was briefed on the procedure, the necessary post surgical care including the various types of oral medication needed.

The cat recovered from the procedure uneventfully.

While our staff was dispensing the medication to the owner, she suddenly raised her voice at her, alleging that the clinic's protocol was so troublesome and that she did not want to feed any medication. Our staff advised her that the medication is given because the pet needs it and we can show her how to feed them if she wants.

She continued to complain about everything at the top of her voice and demand to speak to the manager.

After manager attended to her and suggested that perhaps she should consider not taking the medication if she has trouble administering it and monitor if the cat will remain stable without any oral medication. She shouted at our manager and stomped out, screaming that the clinic was unprofessional and had poor service.


?? Did she wanted a discount or something?


Day 3

Someone called to speak with the vet about a matter regarding her dog but the vet was in consultation with another client.

Our staff advised the caller that she should leave her message or question with her so that once the vet is available she will convey the message/ question and get an instruction or reply for her because the day was fully packed up with appointments.

The caller refused to give her message and hung up.

Our staff still highlighted this to the vet and that this person wanted to speak with her.

But she was summoned into another consultation shortly.

Then she was summoned into a surgical procedure.

Our senior staff was told to call the person back and discussed with her about her concerns.

Our staff called her twice and she still refuse to share her concerns but complained about how the vet did not call her back and then in the last conversation, she decided to call us "non animal lovers", even though we returned her call and tried to address her concerns.


?? Are other people's pets less important than hers? The vet should drop every appointment, clinical case and surgery because she has a question that she refused to convey?


Day 4

Someone called and attempted to bully our staff into giving him a quotation for consultation.

Our staff advised that only an estimate can be given and not a quotation because we do not know what medical condition his pet is having.

He called a 2nd time and accused our staff of not providing him with an address.

Then he suddenly appeared with his cat which was having an emergency medical condition - dystocia.

After accessing the pet, the owner was given an estimation for the emergency csection procedure.

The owner shouted at our staff that the charges were too high and that he should not have brought his cat here.

He bellowed continuously at our staff such that the on going consultation in another room had to end because I could not hear my own voice.

The owner hollered that we should have told him the cost.

When he was told to stop shouting and not raise his voice at the clinic staff, he retorted that he talks to his wife in this exact same tone.

I advised him that he needs to leave if his plan is to continue to abuse our staff.

He continued to gesture and threatened that he will make a video of us and stomp us, go on Facebook to rant about us and go to SPCA to complain about us and he will get his lawyer to sue us and also go on google to give us a lousy rating.

?? Huh? Huh?

We just wanted to say "sorry" to the poor wife.