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Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Snippet of a conversation with a furparent whose senior cat was gravely ill and had a cardiac arrest minutes before reaching the clinic. 

FP: But he was getting better right? You saw. He was getting better... *tearing*

Vet: Yes. He was.

FP: If I had reached earlier ...

Vet: No. He would still have died. Don't go there... you are only going to hurt yourself more.

FP: *Silent tearing*...

Vet: We cannot stop death. No mortal can.

Stop holding the perception that if you had been earlier, had more money, gone to an emergency centre, fed him better food ... all these are not going to keep him alive for another minute.. if the CAT decided that he wants to go because his condition is not curable ... this specific discussion is between the CAT and GOD... not for you or I to decide.

FP: But he was getting better....

Vet: Yes. That is proof that once you heard that he needed all these nursing from us... you did what you had to do and you did it well. But he did not want to continue and he choose to stop the fight.

I hope you recognize that God gives the animals a choice too... to go Home when they choose to do so.

FP: Why so fast? He didn't even give us a chance to try...

Vet: The truth... I hope you can handle the Truth I am going to tell you...

The day I die, if there is nothing else that can be done medically.... I want to go quickly.

Do you understand? Me, as a medical professional and sentient human being.

Your cat made his own choice.

Would you prefer to do it for him?

FP:*Frowning... shook her head*

Vet: You should walk out of this clinic with your head held high. Cry only because you will miss your cat ... but not because you owed a debt to the cat or to God because you don't. Do you know what I am saying? ...(conversation continued)


For all who have loss someone they loved dearly.

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