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Updated: Nov 7, 2023

A person asked me recently:

"What kind of animal do you like best?"

I stared at him intently for a moment - seriously contemplating.

I had no answer for him.

I cannot answer him.

I actually don't wish to answer him.


Obviously not because I cannot grasp the core differences between the animal species.

Certainly not because I have no individuality.

Undoubtedly not because I have become numb to the "fight" and have loss my passion or compassion towards the animals.

Then why?

Because I have evolved beyond the "SPECIES" categorization.

I have learned to "see" and "acknowledge" the distinct "person" in each animal, fortunately without projecting "myself" on them.

Anthropomorphism? - considered a very bad excuse in some academic circles, even indecent.

Yet... the reality of preferring a [type] of animal over another [type] because of their outer appearance or their nature or their way of communication is superficial beyond question.

It is a very simplistic approach to human-animal relationship. Inertia.

Lazy stereotyping or being intellectually lazy is what I cannot handle at this stage of my life.

A dog is not just a loyal companion that wags its tail all day.

A cat is not just a elegant and prestigious persona, an unreachable mystery to admire from a far.

A rabbit is not just a fluffy, gentle, tuff of fur that eats carrots.

A parrot is not just a mimicry imprisoned in a cage.

Choosing an outer or perceived condition over another without knowing the "inside" of an individual is quite unacceptable now.

It is fine if you don't quite get what I mean. 

But most important of all, do you see the "person" in your pet too?

Do you see that they are not just a tuft of fur or feathers existing for your entertainment and amusement?


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