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How real are "we"?

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Recently, Person A called me crying - her dog suddenly lost the ability to stand up.

She wants to know what she should do. She went for a routine review this morning, the dog was fine then.

Pondering bear.
How real are "we"? Veterinary personnel in real life.

Dilemma 1: I am not her attending vet anymore.

Dilemma 2: I did not SEE the dog physically, I don't know how "fine" the dog really was this morning... maybe there was really some tell tale signs not picked up.

Dilemma 3: If I intervene, I will offend a lot of people.

But Person A was really upset.

I called up a few people and advised her to bring the dog back for a check.

Then I did the unthinkable: I told her that I will meet her there.

Now... the moment I hung up, a million negative thoughts ran through my mind.

I have one particular workmate in mind - I don't want to bulldoze my way (as I sometimes do) and dent her confidence.

"HANDLE WITH CARE" was flashing red through my mind.

Empathy - not always good.

A few people said: "You didn't have to do that. It's not your problem anymore. Why help them?"

A few people hinted: "You got ulterior motive right?"

A few people advised: "Let go lah... they will not appreciate you.. so much trouble.. waste petrol and time?"

So.. how real are "we", really?

I don't know.

I don't minister to the dog. She hates me anyway because I poked her too many times in the past (I saw her rolled her eyes at me once, sort of).

I "act" because of a deep calling.

I don't measure every action.

Yet I am most probably not as "real" as I would like to be.

Complicated. Thinking too much, perhaps.


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