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No Money No Talk

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

So someone called the other day and said that their male cat cannot urinate for 2 days and they have only S$50...

What does one do in this situation?

Clinically, the cat's bladder may rupture if the condition is not treated.

Ethically, the clinic should provide help to the cat.

Business wise, not viable.

Most cats don't drink enough water. They are feed unsuitable food with high amount of mineral and salt. Left on their own, they become very prone to develop bladder infection. When there is inflammation in the bladder, large amount of cells from the bladder wall starts to shed and clump together. The highly concentrated urine may precipitates crystals that also bind together with the cell debris and obstruct the urethra. Then the male cat cannot urinate.

Have you ever had an urgent need to go to the toilet... but you cannot find a decent toilet? Bladder distension is VERY painful.

Start encouraging them to like water today. You can add a few cubes of ice, a few teaspoons of soup in a large bowl of water, let the tap drip a little, add more water into the canned food... try everything to increase their water intake TODAY.

So guess what happened to the cat?

No Money No Talk


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