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Not Quite There Yet

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

A client ask me for a favour. She has a stray dog that needs to be sterilized asap. The clinic that boarded the 5 month old female puppy was apparently not feeding her enough and delaying her sterilization.

Possible reasons?

The client was paying for "economic" boarding so they are not willing to feed the pup more - just enough to keep her alive.

The vet is waiting for the pup to go into heat so that he can charge the client more.


By the way, boarding at a vet clinic... it is not approve by AVS (so kind of illegal).

I slotted her dog in for a sterilization.

After that I discussed with the client about the care she rendered to the stray dogs she rescued - to what level does she extend her help?

Her answer: All the way if possible. So it includes: Rescue, sterilize, board, rehome and medical care.

She was appalled by other clinics that advised her to release the dogs immediately after surgery although she knows of people who do it frequently.

I pondered about what she said.

I feel that our society is still not quite there yet. Not quite caring enough. Not quite gracious enough. Not quite self sacrificing enough. Sometimes, many have too many idealistic expectations and dreams in a less than perfect world. Some can afford the indulgence .. some are unable to.

Not Quiet There Yet


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